Thursday, September 21, 2017

What we CAN do about the Killings in Nigeria by Enyinnaya Nwosu president aspirant 2019

Nigeria: The Dangers of Divide-and-Rule Policies of Governance
The recent unfortunate incidents in Nigeria in the last few days has brought about lots of sentimental emotions and reactions. Lives and property again were lost and many wounded for nothing.
Now the question is; WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT? Hate speeches, condemnation of the acts, rally in support, long speeches etc cannot help resolve these issues.
What we see in Nigeria today is a REACTION. What we need to focus on is the ACTION causing the 

The main ACTION is decades of bad governance, Policies and neglect in Nigeria by the past and present government. What we need to do is to tackle the main action and there would be no more reactions.
2019 election presents the opportunity for us as Nigerians to tackle the ACTION. Our main concern should be what we can do as Individuals, Groups and together as Nigerians to have an all-inclusive government in Nigeria that will rebuild Nigeria with fresh ideas and Policies.

We should free ourselves from the bondage and shackles as victims of divide-and-rule policies perpetuated by the past and present leaders for effective control and manipulation of the poor masses to keep themselves in power.
There is no difference between a poor man/woman in Sokoto and a poor man in Enugu or Ekiti or Calabar. We suffer the same hardship.

While we are busy hating, killing and doing harm to one another as directed/dictated by the rich, corrupt leaders and politicians, they are busy loving themselves at our expense.
When a rich and powerful Hausa man has a party, you will see all the rich men from Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, Ijaw, Middle belt will all attend. Same thing when there is a party by rich Igbo, Yoruba etc.

They live happily in rich neighbourhoods in Nigeria, their kids are friends and marry one another. They meet happily as Board of Directors of companies and do business together happily, yet they tell us to hate one another, they divide us and use us against one another.
How long shall we remain blind? How long shall we remain ignorant? How long shall we remain in this bondage?
Nigeria needs rebuilding and it is our responsibility as the young generation Nigerians to make Nigeria great again.

I invite every Nigerian to stand up and join us in this great task of rebuilding Nigeria with fresh ideas.
Thank you.
Enyinnaya Nnaemeka Nwosu, LLB BL LLM
Presidential Aspirant in Nigeria.