Saturday, August 26, 2017

#PrayForOwerri: Nigerians react to Rochas Okorocha's demolition of Eke Ukwu market in Imo State

Violence erupted in Imo State this morning as the state governor, Rochas Okorocha proceeded with the demolition of the famous Eke Ukwu market.
VIDEO of Security Men shooting at unarmed civilians in Owerri over demolition of Eke Ukwu market.. This is Barbaric
The traders and youth resisted and began a protest which turned deadly as stray bullet killed a 10-year old boy and several others sustained injuries.

The scene at Owerri has been described by many as a war zone and Nigerians are reacting to the sad event on social media.
Rochas is tearing down market in owerri. FMC is filled with casualties, soldiers are shooting both traders and customers. My God!!!
FUTO boys stay in your houses!Leave IMSU & Alvan girls for today! Owerri is on fire at the moment. So much violence! Pray For Owerri
Sad as it is, the Owerri massacre just as other issues in this country will not be taken seriously. Pray for Owerri.
No news channel is carrying the owerri incident not even the local channels. NTA is showing me anambra state primaries😢😡 
Nigerians Take Note,Rochas should never win Any Seat In Nigerian Govt,am Not From Owerri but I will never support this Devilish act.
RIP souls lost in the Owerri shootings,God would fight the fight of the Southerners in Nigeria
I weep for the lives lost in the Owerri demolition exercise!
The Governor / Government in charge should be sanctioned and punished!
Eke ukwu market demolition by douglas road in owerri have resulted to gnashing of teeth and loss of life.sporadic shooting by army
When I told some people in imo state that Douglas is a scam, they chase me away. Hope they can see what is happening in Owerri
You have your own kids,the are alive,but a family will go to sleep without there  Saturday.
Not just Owerri, the nation is already fucked 😢😢😢
R.I.P to the poor boy that was shot😢😢

When a president does not obey court order, do you think a state governor will be any different? A disgrace called APC.