Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Conor McGregor erupts at fighters who say he is all talk

Conor McGregor is tired of hearing fighters say that he talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.
The outspoken featherweight champion erupted in a recent video blog recorded ahead of his fight at UFC 205 against Eddie Alvarez where he took aim at anybody on the UFC roster who says that he talks a lot but then doesn't back it up.
The fight against Alvarez on Nov. 12 will be McGregor's third of 2016 after two consecutive bouts against Nate Diaz not to mention three more fights in 2015 including two title bouts against Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo.
If that's not proof of McGregor's in cage work, he'd like to see anybody on the UFC roster match it.
"They all say I'm all talk — I look at them and say they're all talk. Because I'm the one in here fighting every week," McGregor said. "I only had a five round war against a guy three times the size of me and now I'm back again. All I hear is complaining, (expletive) and moaning, You want this, you want what I got, you've got to put in the (expletive) work. As far as I'm seeing, nobody's putting in the work.
"Everyone's talking. Everyone's thinking 'just cause Conor has it, I should have it'.  No, no — I didn't always have it, there's a reason why I have it. I had to work my (expletive) bullocks off to get it. Here I am, still working, while they're talking."

In the case of his next opponent, McGregor says the fight at UFC 205 has nothing to do with Alvarez, but instead with the lightweight title that's currently wrapped around his waist.
"He just has the belt. That's it," McGregor said about Alvarez. "That's the only reason he's there. After I'm going to be struggling to find who is next. Really — who the (expletive) is next? Who has gone out there time after time again, back-to-back-to-back, putting it all on the line and continuing to show up?"
Winning two championships in different divisions has been a goal for McGregor since the first day he stepped foot in the UFC and he was supposed to have that opportunity earlier this year before former champion Rafael dos Anjos dropped out of their fight due to injury.
Now eight months later, McGregor is finally getting his chance and the opponent is inconsequential to the Irishman. He just wants the 12 pounds of gold that will signify the reward for all the work he's put in over the last couple of years.
Some might accuse McGregor of talking his way into this title fight, but to win it, he will have to beat the best lightweight in the world and no amount of hype or promotion will help him do it.
"What is everyone else doing? No one's doing nothing but talking," McGregor said. "I'm the only one doing both. I'm talking but I'm (expletive) working a hell of a lot more than I'm talking."