Friday, October 28, 2016

This Mom Lost Her Child When She Made A Mistake On Facebook. Pay Attention!

This mother learned the hard way that social networks and the Internet can be a blessing or, unfortunately a curse. This is a story that everyone should know. Read it and draw your own conclusions, but do it wisely, because it greatly affects the welfare of our children.
If you’re on Facebook and get a friend request from a stranger, please be cautious before you accept the request. If you don’t know he/she at all, there really is no reason to be "Facebook friends". Even if the profile picture speaks to you somehow or actually looks nice...don't accept. This Mom did the opposite when accepted the request. She never imagined anything bad could happen. What could go wrong …?!
After she accepted the request,she went on about her day normally, not even thinking about her new Facebook friend.She has more important things on her mind. Her child is starting school for the first time and she is one proud Mommy.Her baby is ready for her first big day and of course, she wants to post the most adorable pics on Facebook. In her captions she writes, “Unbelievable how big my sweetheart has become.” Then, she even tags the school and uploads it on to Facebook.