Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pop (Culture) Quiz: Is This a Photo of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks?

Here are your clues: The subject of this image is an award-winning actor whose credits stretch back decades. While he’s known for his comedy chops, he’s also successfully taken on dramatic roles. The star is in his 60s, has a reputation for being down-to-earth, and has a close affiliation with Saturday Night Live.
The answer is Bill Murray, although Hanks also fits the description. The two have long had similar careers, but now the Internet is convinced that they also look alike, thanks to the above photo shared by a fan named Lauren DiMichele-Ross three years ago that has found new life. The image was snapped of Murray — yes, it is definitely Murray — at a golf course in Scotland by the husband of DiMichele-Ross in 2012. She later shared it on Facebook in a group called “Reasons My Son Is Crying,” obviously listing the cause for the tears that time as “he met Bill Murray.”

DiMichele-Ross explained to the BBC that she had the photo autographed by Murray in 2014, and that her now 4-year-old son Alexander is a big Ghostbusters fan. Still, he doesn’t recall the apparently traumatic moment he first encountered Murray.
He “doesn’t know who Bill is,” she said.
Hmm, suddenly neither does the Internet.