Wednesday, March 23, 2016

BREAKING NEWS! 11 Dead, 25 Injured as Explosion Rocks Airport (Happening Now) PHOTOS+VIDEO

AT LEAST 11 people have been killed and 25 are injured after two huge explosions went off in a suspected terrorist attack at Brussels airport.

Eyewitnesses have described hearing the blasts as photos begin to emerge of he carnage.
Many said they heard Arabic shouted before the blasts.
Smoke can be seen billowing through the sky as hundreds run for their lives.

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Eyewitnesses reported people fleeing the scene covered in blood and dust.
The airport is on lockdown and currently being evacuated as people run to escape.
Passengers took to social media to share harrowing pictures of the results of the explosions.
The suspected attack comes amid huge tension in Brussels — where the Paris massacre fugitive was caught alive following a shootout just four days ago.
Salah Abdeslam become Europe’s most wanted man overnight after orchestrating the terrorist attack on Paris’ Bataclan — killing 130.

Reporters on the scene say that people fear there has been a terrorist attack and
that the suspects could still be at large in the terminal in Zaventem, Brussels.
A firefighter told Belgian media that 11 people were killed in the blasts and several more injured.
It is understood the blast happened next to the American Airlines desks.
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