Monday, January 11, 2016

Woman Sees Jesus Watchingover Her Baby in Ultrasound Scan [See Photo]

 The ultrasound of one woman's unborn baby has gone viral after she's claimed it shows JESUS watching over her little one.
The image,was shared by an Argentinian woman, who is known only by the name Fanny.

According to Mailonline, daughter Alfonsia was born in Cordoba on September 21 to Fanny, who claimed she had visions of the Messiah when she was pregnant.
The 29-year-old mum has suffered thrombosis, causing multiple earlier miscarriages , but when she says she saw Jesus in the scan, she knew Alfonsia was going to be born healthy.

"I will never lose faith. I put all my trust in God, who throughout the pregnancy gave me various signs," Fanny told Mail Online.