Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Privacy Policy

  Welcome to our privacy policy

In our site www.newskingdom.com the privacy of our mail subscribers, daily
visitors, Readers and well wishers is extremely vital to us. We
value and acknowledge your personal info with most respect,
that is why before any crop up perhaps subscribing to our newssheet,
which requires you to enter you
. Name and
. e-mail address
You will be  asked to login to your mail box to verify that you simply square measure the
one that allows the notification.
As a matter of truth, most at times you continue to get a link right in
your box showing you how to unscribe from receiving notification. This
is associate degree proof that we do not  have access to your personal information,
our company uses them just to deliever newsletters or different vital
topics to you from this diary.
There some ways in which you can shield your privacy.

1. Log Files : your web Service supplier ( I S P) example AOL
that browser you utilize to go to our web site like hunting expedition, Google chrome,
firefox is employed to understand or track the quantity of times our web site pages is
visited and thereby doesn't provide area to any third party application.

2. Cookies and net Beacons : we don't use cookies however generally
our sponsors or business patners might use cookies simply to advertise
(Google, Chikta, Addynamo)
they use cookies to point out ads to somebody in an exceedingly explicit space and at a
particular purpose in time.

If a person from USA visits our site, he can see ads
on Best vehicle sold  at Newyork City etc
That is to say we've got no access to such cookies.
You can disable or turnoff the cookies either in your browser
settings or scan with Norton web Security.
Be rest assured that your privacy square measure 100 percent protected on this diary as
Google indexes each page content of our diary for security purpose.