Thursday, January 9, 2014

Matthew Ashimolowo Releases 2014 Prophecies, SEE What He Said

The senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) in London, Pst Matthew Ashimolowo was the guest minister yesterday at the ongoing 12 Days of Glory (12DG) 2014 held by the Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly.
pastor_matthew_ashimolowoMinistering at the service, Ashimolowo delivered a message tagged “The Release of Destiny”.
He also released some prophecies for this brand new year 2014.
See his prophecies for 2014:
- Tonight, we command your release. “There will be a release of your destiny!”
- Your dream will become a reality. Your vision will become a reality
- Whether the world likes it or not, you will rise! You will shine!
- Every shackle on your mind, I set you free from it!
- Today, every casting that has been placed over you, hiding your gifting, is torn off!
- Those who are trying to block you, God will take them out of the way!
- You shall overcome! No voodoo will stop you! No charm will stop you!
- We remove every hindrance! We destroy every hindrance!
- You will be a stranger to failure!
- There is coming, over your life, an anointing they will not be able to resist!
- Death will see you and flee! Poverty will see you and flee! Lack will see you and flee!
- You will not go back to yesterday! You will not go back to failure. You will not go back to limitation
- First, there was a divine release! A release is taking place in the realm of the Spirit!Second, there was a divine turnaround. “There WILL be a turnaround!Thirdly, there was a change of story. “Your story WILL change!”
- Every embarrassment and shame over your life, God will use for a greater testimony!
- Fourthly, there was divine celebration. “You will go from glory to glory! You will celebrate, this year!PRAISE HIM!!! It’s a new day! It’s a new season!What the enemy meant for evil will turn around for your blessing! Say it: My past is not my future!
- The Lifter of heads will lift your head. He will put a new song in your mouth
- Every year and productive season you have lost, we recover tonight! 2014 will be your year of celebration!